Honorable Secretary Teodoro L. Locsin Jr.
Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs
Philippines Immigration and Border Police

Honorable Secretary Teodoro L. Locsin Jr.
Following the arrest of Ms. Bahar Bahari, an Iranian national, in the Philippines and her detention at Terminal No. 3 of Manila airport since October 17th, we been now been informed that the Philippines Airport Police plans to deport Ms. Bahari back to Islamic Republic in Iran.
National Convergence of Iranians (HOMA) organizations, firstly would like to draw your attention to the fact that Ms. Bahari is a political activist and not a criminal and therefore she must be treated with respect and humanely. But most importantly, HOMA would like to officially demand that the Philippines government not deport her back to Iran, as such action would certainly pose a serious threat to her wellbeing, with high probability of imprisonment, torture, rape and even possibly a death sentence.
We are therefore demanding the immediate release of Ms. Bahar Bahari from airport detention, and in accordance with international laws, to allow her to file for a political refugee status with the UN or an embassy of a democratic country in the Philippines.


National Convergence of Iranians (HOMA)


  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Geneve, Swiss
  • Interpol Headquarter – Lion, France
  • Amnesty International - Philippines