به نام ایران


Letter to the President of the Belgian Parliament


Dear Madam President of Chamber of Representatives Eliane Tillieux,

We, the Iranian signatories of this letter, residing in different parts of the world, are the opponents of the destructive Islamic Republic in Iran. The Islamic Republic has imposed religious, ethnic and gender apartheid and a totalitarian and corrupt government on the Iranian nation in the name of God.

We found ourselves echoing the voice of the Iranian people who have opposed this corrupt regime since its inception, trying to secure their citizenship rights. At the same time, the government suppresses them with criminal, terrorist and malicious methods and silences their voice.

Unfortunately, in the last few days, we have been informed that the Belgian Parliament has put on the agenda the consideration of the draft law on the exchange of prisoners with the Islamic Republic to exchange the terrorist “Asadullah Asadi” and this assistance who are imprisoned in Belgium. This news surprised the Iranian people and pro-democracy activists around the world, causing incomprehension and anger. We remind you that the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran do not punish state terrorists but praise and glorify them. There for, we inform you; The enactment of such a law will be seen as confirmation and help to the rulers of the Islamic Republic. This encourages them to continue international terrorism, criminality, and systematic crimes against the interests of the Iranian nation and other nations as well. This will undoubtedly have irreparable consequences in the future.

We hope that with your experience, the right decision will be made in the interests of the Belgian nation, the European Union, and European values.

Thanking you.

Your Sincerely,

  • Constitutional Party of Iran (Liberal Democrats).
  • Cultural and Political Organization of Iran Pad.
  • Iran Liberation Congress.
  • Iranian Development and Civilization Movement.
  • Iranian Secular Democratic Party.
  • Iranian Women Organization.
  • Secular Democratic Party Iran.
  • Social democracy society for Iran.
  • Striving for the unity of the people of Iran for Democracy.
  • The New Iran.
  • Pan-Iranist Party, foreign branch.