English transcripts of the video message of Mr. Reza Pahlavi's speech entitled The New Covenant

My compatriots, the reasons I am speaking with you today is to begin a conversation about a new covenant, which is in response to the innumerable messages of those of you worried about iran and its future. You know that each additional day of this Islamic regime only portends a darker future for us. Isolation, social collapse, discrimination, economic freefall, frustration, and hopelessness have been the only achievements of forty-one years of the Islamic regime for the people of iran. Let us, for the final time, restate the lesson that we have learned in the last twenty years and that today, even the most optimistic admit: this regime is not reformable!

The reality is that you do not deserve the current circumstances, and they do not befit Iran’s name!  My motivation for presenting this new covenant is not achieving political power. Rather, it is an effort to establish a system in which power is never monopolized by one individual our group. Every Iranian across the country, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, ideology, or lifestyle must accept responsibility and share equally in decision making in their future and the country’s.

One-man rule and pyramidic power structures in today’s world, are not sufficient to meet the needs of a pioneering and dynamic society. Prosperity and progress in today’s world come from the establishment of a government based on collective wisdom, public participation, and civic responsibility.

My undertaking is to put the country on the right path, not to look for quick bandages that leave open the path for recreation of tyranny and the monopolization of power.

The first step in achieving these conditions is transitioning from the Islamic Republic, which is the symbol of the monopolization of wealth and power in the hands of a limited few. Today we not only know what we do not want, but we also know clearly what we do want: a stable political structure based on the will of the people in which power is at the service of the people and the defense of national interests not monopolized by a particular group. Our silence, neutrality, and inaction today will result in even more catastrophic consequences for the country and future generations. Those ill-willed apologists for the regime will ask you: “What is your alternative?” I say to you, the only acceptable alternative is the rule of the people of Iran! A system in which laws derived from the people’s votes are the government’s supreme guide. We must believe that no individual, group, or force can save us on its own. We will either steer this storm-battered ship to safe shores together, or we will all drown separately. I use the word “Believe” instead of “Hope” and I believe that achieving freedom and prosperity is only possible if each and every one of us endeavors and accepts this national responsibility. This responsibility does not rest on the shoulders of one individual, group, or movement alone; rather, it rests on each of our shoulders. Today, each and every one of you must, in your hearts, answer this vital question: on which side of this clear divide do you stand? The side of darkness, destruction, corruption, and frustration? Or the side of light, life, hope, progress, and prosperity? On which side do you stand? The side of the Islamic Republic? Or the side of Iran? In order to save Iran, what are you willing to do?

To the political elite I ask: where do you stand?

Do you want anything other than freedom and the rule of the People?

Do you know any other path besides cooperation and collaboration to reclaim our Country from the devil?

Today is the day to decide. To all of the democratic political forces, irrespective of their pasts or political views, I extend a hand of friendship. And I beseech them to put aside differences, self-aggrandizement, and superiority to focus on one goal: saving Iran.

History and future generations will judge you for they will see, in the most critical days of this pure land, on which side do you stand?

To my compatriots in the army, I say: your responsibility, as soldiers of the nation, is to defend our nation’s territorial integrity. Our nation which, with the zealous sacrifice of its most gallant youth has, until this moment, survived. Today as the Islamic Republic, to maintain power, auctions off our land and sea to foreigners and fires upon defenseless people, your responsibility, more than ever before, in the defense and protection of the Iranian nation, in the face of this oppressive regime. From the ranks of the IRGC and Bassej [Basij], I ask: don’t you see that the so-called generals of the IRGC are only after generating wealth through corruption and crime, and that wealth and power has been monopolized by a small group of thieving clerics and commanders? Don’t you see that the IRGC’s meddling in all aspects of people’s lives and all the nation’s affairs, has paralyzed the country and that the Bassej [Basij] and IRGC have become forces opposed to the people and the nation.

Look into the eyes of your own children! See how their futures are being held hostage by the personal interests of a corrupt few. Your children ask you: on which side do you stand?

The path to victory is clear: we must connect strikes, protests, civil disobedience in various parts of the country to one another. In the workplace and in neighborhoods, we must form small protest circles and must promote civil disobedience in all its forms. We must assist the families of strikers, political prisoners, and prisoners of conscience. Street level and middle level leaders, especially those who are currently imprisoned, must not be forgotten. Iranians abroad, by sharing the message of those at home, and when possible, with financial support, must act on their patriotic duty. In forming this widespread protest network, to condition of our success is tolerating the views and opinions of one another. Tomorrow’s free Iran has room for everyone. And no one because of his or her beliefs, will be a second-class citizen. In the free Iran which will be built by your capable hands, the rights of those in the minority will not be trampled upon by rule of the majority.

Let us believe that side by side with one another, we are innumerable. And we are more powerful than the oppressors. It is in this way that on a scale much larger than in the past, we can reclaim the streets from the oppressors. The most important power we have is in that very word: “we”! know that today, the world is watching your movement it hears your protest, and it is following your struggle.

My compatriots,

My effort always has been and always will be to be the defender of your rights and freedom. I stand by your side because I do not want to see Baloch children study in tenements. I do not want to see the women of my country, denied their most basic and human rights. I do not want to see my Kurdish compatriots forced into back-breaking and life-threatening physical labor. I do not want to see workers and retirees of my country live below the poverty line. I do not want to see my country sold off to foreigners and have its wealth looted and spent abroad. I do not want to see Iranian youth, because of all of this discrimination and injustice struggle with depression and hopelessness, the consequences of which are significant social to which we are all witness today.

This new covenant which I referenced at the opening, is a pact between all the people. If we act on this new covenant, we can be hopeful for a bright future. A future in which our country is on the path to progress and development. The bright future that you deserve. There are countries which, by committing to correct and just conditions, have succeeded in rapidly growing their economies, and improving standards of living for their people. For example, immediately after their liberation from the Soviet Union, the Baltic nations followed five principles in their economic agenda. A transparent financial system. A transparent government budget. Welfare and security for workers. The guarantee of rights of property owners & investors and, accepting impartial rules in the arbitration of financial and commercial disputes.

Today, the verification of countries’ commitment to these conditions is the subject of the rules and criteria of five reputable international institutions.

First, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Second, the International Budget Partnership (IBP).

Third, the international Labor Organization (ILO).

Fourth, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

And fifth, The Stockholm Arbitration Institution (SCC).

But where does Iran Stand today?

In terms of financial transparency, our country is on the FATF blacklist, which results in tight restrictions and imposes high costs for transactions for Iranian companies. In terms of budget transparency, Iran must emerge from today’s darkness to reach a ranking of 60 or higher. The pitiful state of workers’ and investors’ security in addition to the rapidly declining production and purchasing power in today’s Iran is clear to all and does not need to be explained further.

My compatriots,

The path out of despair and hopelessness, of poverty and oppression, is easier than you think.

Iran, with natural resources which far surpass those of Baltic nations, by abiding by these five conditions, by attracting domestic and foreign investment, can bring technology and modern management to iran. and with economic flourishing, we can spur production and raise incomes.

Our young fallen heroes, from Neda to Pouya, from Sattar to Nikta, and all the brave souls who sacrificed their lives on the path to Iran’s freedom and greatness await our acceptance of this covenant. Now, it is our responsibility to rise to their challenge. On this path you are each a Kaveh. And Iran needs your dedication and valor. Kavehs united in this covenant, for the liberation of the homeland, and ret urn of Iran’s greatness.  

Reza Pahlavi

Monday, September 28, 2020